The cost of carpeting in the UK

It was a bit of a shock for the owners of a £300,000 mansion in south-east London, but now the £2.7m carpeting installation in their £1.5m mansion has been completed.

The £2m installation included six metres of new carpet in the kitchen, four metres in the garden and two metres in an upstairs room, and it was funded by a local charity.

In its first year, the installation has raised more than £10,000, with another £3,000 raised in the month since.

The carpeting is made of 1.25 million square metres of polyurethane foam, and has a maximum weight of 15kg.

More importantly, the project also saw the installation of a new bathroom, which has been built in the same location, and a new sink, all of which are in place now, along with an extra sink, new shower and new washing machine.

The carpet is being installed by UK-based firm Arquitectonica and is being overseen by the organisation’s London office.

The project has raised nearly £1m in total, and the carpet was installed on June 1.

A spokesman for Arquead, which commissioned the project, said: “It was a fantastic success story.

The first year has been a real success and we are working hard to build on that momentum.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the support from our customers and we’re grateful to the local community who have been so helpful and welcoming.”

We’re also really pleased with the fact that we’ve managed to secure the contract to install carpet in an area with a limited supply of carpet and that the installation went smoothly.

“The carpet was chosen to be a good fit for the space, as well as for its own sake, which meant it was able to last much longer.”