When building a house, use lowes and flooring, says developer

A Melbourne house has been left to rot after a contractor’s lowes failed, leaving the house unoccupied.

Key points:Lowes failed on the back of a building’s constructionThe property, at the corner of Kingsbury and Crouch streets, is on the market for $600,000A building contractor’s project manager has apologised and a subcontractor is on dutyThe lowes were used to raise the roof of the house, where the owner lives, but failed, causing a leak that caused the fire.

Key Points:A building project manager said the contractor was responsible for repairing the lowesThe contractor has apologised to the ownerThe contractor said it is “shocked” and has offered to repair the roofThe fire happened on December 1, 2017, when the owner, a former student, was working on her second-floor unit, a bedroom.

The owner was alerted to the problem by her contractor, and called fire service.

The fire brigade were called to the scene but the fire was not extinguished.

The contractor was contacted by the fire service, who then reported it to the fire services office, which then notified the owner.

The owners owner and two neighbours arrived at the scene and discovered that the back door of the property had collapsed.

The property has since been left in a state of disrepair.

A contractor’s manager said he was “shocking” to find out that the contractor had done an inadequate job.

“We are very sorry to the occupants of this property and the fire brigade who worked on the scene, and will be offering our full cooperation to ensure that the property can be properly repaired,” the manager said.

“Our team is working closely with the owner and the residents to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all the residents and will continue to work closely with them to repair this property.”

The fire service said it had been alerted to a similar fire in March.

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