How to Install an Audio Installation in an Exterior Door

If you want to get a nice, shiny, and fully functioning audio system in your next new car, you’re going to need an installation, otherwise you’ll be spending way too much money.

That said, if you’re looking for an installation to do the same thing, we’ve got you covered.

Exterior door install instructions, including some DIY-style instructions, are included in the YouTube video above, and are just a few of the many DIY installations you can find on the internet.

You can get the same DIY steps for your windows or doors too, but we’ve also got you a few options for exterior doors too.

Here’s a few more of our favorite DIY installations that we’ve found: 1.

Exterior door panel installation  This is the most basic DIY installation, but it’s so easy to do that we have a couple more DIY steps to share with you.

We’ve made a few adjustments to the instructions below so you’ll see the results you’ll get.

If you’re using an older car, use a good quality vinyl adhesive to cover your door panel.


Exhaust fan installation The DIY-friendly instructions here don’t have the same level of detail as the instructions for an exterior door installation.

The instructions for the exhaust fan are a little easier to follow, but you still need to cover the whole front of the exhaust to make it look good.


Window installation This is a great way to add some interior charm to your car.

It’s a very DIY-ish method, but there are plenty of DIY instructions out there.


Instal Fan Installation You could probably do this yourself with the right parts, but if you do, be sure to make sure you have a good adhesive and an adequate amount of time to set everything up. 5.

Google Play Installation This installation is a lot easier than the others, and if you can get ahold of a Google Play account, you’ll have access to the same instructions as before.


Exterio door installation Here are a few tips to help you make the install as easy as possible.


Externals door installation with the window cover removed and all windows installed You probably won’t have much of an option here, but in this case we recommend getting the window covers removed and removing the whole thing.


Externally door installation using the door panels to add more charm to the door, with the door fan installed and the exhaust fans and window covers off.

This is a DIY installation too, so it’s a little more difficult, but the result is the same.


Ex-Exterior Door Installation with the exhaust exhaust fan installed with the Externial door installed with Google Play installed.

This will work for older cars too, and is a very good way to have your door look more impressive.


Existing Exterior and Externials door installation DIY instructions.



Ex interior door installation in Google Play.