Which is better for your smartphone?

A smartphone can run Android, iOS or Chrome OS.

In most cases, it’s best to use the best Android or iOS phone for your needs, according to the latest survey by the research firm iResearch.

iResearch said that its latest survey found that Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry users spent significantly more on their smartphones than users of Windows, Mac, Linux or Windows-based smartphones.

The iResearch survey of 8,000 smartphone users found that for Android users, the iPhone, Android, iPad, Samsung and Huawei had the most popular smartphone models.

Apple’s iPhone, for example, is followed by Samsung and Lenovo.

The study found that users of both Windows and Mac smartphones had more smartphone usage than those who only use Android phones.

The iPhone was also the most common smartphone for users of Mac OS X, with Android users having the highest share of the smartphone market.

In comparison, the survey found Android users spent more on the Mac, Mac OS, Windows and Linux-based phones than the Windows and Windows-centric phones.

Users of the iPhone and Android also had more device loyalty, iResearch found, with Mac users reporting a higher proportion of smartphone owners who had purchased a new phone.

Users of Android smartphones also spent more time on social media, the study found.

While Android and iOS users spent the most money on smartphones, Windows users spent less money on their phones, iResearchers said.

The researchers said that the Windows-focused smartphone market has experienced a slowdown in recent years, as the OS is increasingly focused on desktop and mobile devices.

For Windows users, a more traditional smartphone model was the most likely to have a smartphone, iReuters reported.

Despite the decline in smartphone spending, Android users still have the highest proportion of smartphones in the smartphone marketplace, with 22% of smartphone users having a smartphone.

Apple’s iPhone and Apple’s Android smartphones were second and third, respectively.