Solar panel installation ramps up as new storm door installation nears completion

Solar panels installed by a new solar panel installer nears the completion of a new storm doors installation.

The solar panels installed at a company called Turbotax in the New York City area were installed during the last week of December to replace storm doors installed by Solar City, which recently said it was suspending its solar roof installations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut because of the impact of Superstorm Sandy.

The storm doors were designed to keep people inside during storms that occurred last year in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, where the storm surge caused power outages and damaged roofs.

Solar City says it is continuing to test the storm doors in New Hampshire, but has not yet moved ahead with installing them.

SolarCity announced in February that it would suspend all its solar-panel installations in Connecticut and New Jersey for a week beginning Friday, but announced late last month that it was still in the process of finalizing its storm door orders in those states.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo said last week that he will be ordering the storm door panels in all 50 states.