When will the NSA’s new ‘nest’ software become operational?

It’s been over a year since the National Security Agency unveiled its new, more sophisticated, ‘nests’ that can monitor and record your internet traffic, including what websites you visit and what apps you install.

And according to a report in The Hill, the NSA is set to start using the new software in the coming weeks.

The report states that NSA will be using the software to monitor websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram. 

The Hill reports that the new ‘Nests’ software will allow the agency to spy on users and gather data that can be used to target specific users with specific keywords.

The new software will also enable the NSA to monitor and capture video, audio, images, videos, and audio-visual content. 

According to the report, the software is capable of storing data on a “permanent” basis and can be updated via a subscription service.

The agency reportedly plans to start installing the software in October, and will use the software for “critical” investigations and “high priority” operations.

In October, The Hill also reported that the NSA had acquired a “cloud storage system” that is capable for storing “hundreds of terabytes” of data.

A spokesperson for the NSA declined to comment on the report and said that it has no comment.