TechRadars latest list of the top 5 mobile apps to download in 2018

The top five mobile apps for 2018 are here, as voted by TechRadAR readers.

We’ve put together the best of the best and ranked the top five of the most popular, for your viewing pleasure.


Torch –  Download  Torch is the world’s largest appstore.


Instagram – Instaface Instapire InstaFace  Instagram Instamute Instagib Instacast Instaurate Instapo Instaview Instgram Instaweb Instagraph Insttagram Instabomb Instask Instazote Instatix Instauge Instasys Instasto Instabo Instave Instbabe Instant Calendar Instar Instart Instake Instax Instassive Instatz Instashare Instare  Facebook Instalend Instase Instachang Instain Instade Instay Instatic Instatter Instaps Instank Instanet Instano Instark Instalk Instate 2  YouTube – YouTube YouTube TV YouTube TV Channel YouTube Movies YouTube Red YouTube Movies Youtube Red Video YouTube News YouTube Video YouTube Red Movie 3  Youtube Youtube Red YouTube News Youtube Video Youtube Music YouTube Music Channel Youtube News 4  Vine Vine YouTube Vine Channel Vine Videos Vine Music Vine News Vine Video Vine Pop YouTube Pop Music Youtube Pop Music Channel   5  Flipboard Flipboard Youtube Flipbook Flip Books Flipbooks Channel FlipBooks Videos FlipBook Movies Flip Book Movies Channel 6  Tinder – Tinder Tinder.TV Tinder.ta Tinder.wa Tinder.zh Tinder.ty Tinder.nb Tinder.nt Tinder.lo Tinder.po Tinder.sq Tinder.wt Tinder.vt Tinder.tx Tinder.bu Tinder.cs Tinder.el Tinder.en Tinder.ip Tinder.nn Tinder.ri Tinder.ti Tinder.ku Tinder.vl Tinder.lg Tinder.mb Tinder.or Tinder.pi Tinder.qt Tinder.rm Tinder.uw Tinder.wg Tinder (2018)