What do you want your computer to do in 10 seconds?

article New Scientist article Install a Java app on your computer and you’ll soon get an error message saying your app is “unavailable.”

You’ll see a message that reads: “Unavailable for your version of Java.”

That’s because, in addition to the usual installation prompts, the application requires a reboot or restart.

In the past, the software would fail this way, but this time, the app is still required to start up, the message says.

The app, called Googles Go, is a Java application that allows you to control your computer’s webcam, microphone, printer, and other devices.

But, since it requires a restart to get started, you’ll get a “unable to start” message on your screen.

You can try restarting your computer.

If you do this, you will see a screen like the one above, with the message, “Please restart your computer” instead of “You can restart your system,” which indicates your computer is already running the app.

You could try reinstalling the software.

Or, you could simply restart your machine to make sure the issue isn’t still affecting your computer, but that may take a little longer than a reboot.