What you need to know about the new Windows 10 update: The Verge

Download the installer now, and then restart your PC.

It’s a great way to ensure that you don’t run into any problems with your machine.

Once you have installed the new update, you can go ahead and try it out.

It doesn’t offer many of the features of the previous version of the Windows 10 operating system, but it should give you a decent start.

For more Windows 10 news, you’ll find the Verge’s Windows 10 preview, and more on Microsoft’s latest update, here on Ars.

If you’ve installed the latest Windows 10 beta, the Verge is also offering a new Windows Insider Preview version of Windows 10 that is a much better deal.

You can also check out Ars’ Windows 10 Preview, which includes a number of important improvements and changes.

The Verge’s Preview version is now free, but the official preview will be available for $29.99 through March 2nd.