Aussie mum is left with $2,000 bill after installing air conditioning on her baby’s bedroom

Posted April 06, 2020 18:11:07 A mother in Sydney’s northern suburbs has been left with a $2.9 million bill after having her two-month-old baby left in her bedroom.

Key points:The woman had been left in the home for six months with no air conditioningThe woman was in the middle of a divorce and had no electricity for six weeksThe woman says she was concerned about the health of her child because she was still pregnant and had to get her electricity back and then pay for the electricity on top of her rentThe woman’s husband and children were in the house during the period when the air conditioning was installedThe woman, who is now in her 60s, said she was worried about her child’s health because she had a history of thyroid problems and was in a serious relationship.

She said she had asked the woman about the electricity and had not heard back.

“I had no idea I would have to pay the bill,” she said.

“It’s very frustrating for me because I was hoping that I would get the electricity back so I could move on with my life.”

The woman said she knew about air conditioning before the air conditioner was installed, but was not sure about the exact number.

“There were many, many issues with my child,” she explained.

“He had a really hard time getting used to the room, and it was very difficult to move him around and to get him to sleep.”

She said her daughter, now aged nine, was having problems with anxiety, but had been able to move her around the house for the last few months.

“She’s now been moved to a new room,” she told the ABC.

“When I was pregnant with him, it was just a little room, but now he’s been moved around quite a bit and I don’t know what’s going on.”

My daughter is just not doing well.””

I was really concerned about him.

“The air conditioning company has apologised and said it would refund the money to the woman.

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