How to install a swimming pool in your house

The new home for the world’s most popular swim pool, a $1.2 million, 13,000-square-foot facility in the city of Los Angeles, is on the verge of becoming a permanent fixture.

The California Coastal Commission voted Wednesday to allow the project to move forward, with the first of two phases to begin next month.

The agency said the pool, which will include a water park, swimming pool, fitness center and spa, will be the city’s largest public swimming pool.

The project will include 1,200 residential units, about 100,000 square feet of commercial space and 500 parking spaces, according to plans unveiled Wednesday by the city.

The commission has previously approved the plan to build the pool and other infrastructure in conjunction with the L.A. Riverfront Master Plan.

It has said that it will require approval from a special taxing district, which could take years to complete.

The city has already spent $2.8 million to build out the pool with $1 million in federal grants.

The $1 billion project is being spearheaded by L.E.K. Pool, which is owned by the Lusby Family.

The developer hopes to open the facility by the end of the year.