Car speakers installer gets a $10,000 check after installation

The installation of car speakers in a home is a relatively new experience for most homeowners.

But in this case, the installer got his money’s worth, thanks to a $20,000 donation from a group of fans.

The homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, told MTV News that the fans who had supported him through the entire installation paid him the money for the speakers, adding that the installation cost him $20k.

The homeowners of the $10k house in Melbourne, Australia, received their speakers in September 2017, the time frame being that the homeowner was living with his mother.

He said that he paid about $50 for the system, and that he wanted to install them because he needed them to “do the job” for his family.

The fans who donated the $20K are still fans of the project.

They’ve been following his progress with great interest and support, and it was a great honour to have them as my backers, he said.

The system itself cost $1,500, which was well over the $1k goal, but the fans did a great job on the project, the homeowner said.

He is now planning to upgrade the system to a more expensive speaker system.

“It is very expensive, but we were going to go for the cheapest speaker possible,” he said, adding it is worth it because it will make the installation process easier and more efficient.

“I will be able to do my job more efficiently.”

The homeowner said that it will also make him feel more confident in his job.

“The fans were really supportive and supportive,” he added.

“I’m very grateful for that.”

He added that he will not be replacing the system with the same speaker system that he bought in 2009.

“When I buy a house I always go with the cheapest, most advanced system that I can find, but now it has been my money that I have spent on the speakers.”

He is not alone in his passion for his project.

Many people are following the project on social media, and have started an online fundraising campaign to help him pay the cost.

“As soon as I found out about this project, I knew it would be worth it,” he told MTV.

“We’ve had fans donating so much money, it’s amazing.”

This was a dream come true, and I just couldn’t wait to get started.