Google Chrome Install Guide: Installing Google Chrome

The installation of Google Chrome on Windows is as simple as installing a copy of the Microsoft Office and Word programs from the Windows installation directory.

You can also use Microsoft Word as your primary file editor, but we’re here to show you how to install a custom file manager for Chrome.

Step 1.

Create a copy and paste the following text into the Start Menu Search box.

Step 2.

Select All Programs and type in chrome.exe, and click OK.

Step 3.

Select the Microsoft Word program and click Install.

Step 4.

Click the Install button.

Step 5.

Click on Install a custom program to the left of the installation process.

Step 6.

Type in chrome://settings and click Ok.

Step 7.

Click Install Now.

When you’re finished, you’ll be presented with a new window with the Chrome settings dialog box.

Click on Add Custom Program and then click Add Custom Windows Program.

The program will appear in the left pane.

In the program’s title bar, type in the name of the custom file explorer and click Add.

Step 8.

Select Browse, and then select the directory containing the custom explorer.

Step 9.

Click OK.

The Chrome settings window will disappear and you’ll need to click OK again.

Step 10.

Click Finish to close the window.

You can now use Chrome as a file manager on Windows 10.