Which blinds should I install?

Blinds installers and installers have an important job to do: to make sure that you’re not installing any unsafe software.

It’s a big job, but the software that’s installed has to be safe.

Here’s how.1.

Install ChromeOS.2.

Install the latest version of Google ChromeOS (Version 17.0.1) or Google Chrome OS (Version 18.0 or later).3.

Download the Chrome OS Software Manager app and install it.4.

Open the Software Manager and install the ChromeOS Software Manager.5.

Launch the Chromeos software manager to install the latest ChromeOS software.6.

Open ChromeOS again, and it should install the newest version of the software.7.

Reboot your Chromebook and you should see a ChromeOS version number at the top of the OS window.8.

Click the Software button to open the Software manager app.9.

Navigate to the version of ChromeOS you want to install.10.

If you see the latest update in the Software tab, click on it to download it.11.

Reboot the Chromebook again and it will install the updated version of your ChromeOS system.