How to install a ‘garbage-disposal’ to reduce carbon emissions: How to do it

A New Jersey man who installed a “garbage disposal” to reduce emissions from New Jersey’s garbage system says he had to pay to get it done.

Scott Kincaid, an energy consultant, installed a solar panel to charge the waste collection system.

The solar panel converts solar energy into electricity, which is then used to power a battery.

Kincaid said he purchased the solar panel at a garage sale, and that the system cost $250.

Kuchefs, of New York, told The Associated Press on Thursday that he installed the system after learning it was being used for a garbage disposal.

He said he got the solar panels from a local business.

“I paid for them because I wanted to get rid of waste,” he said.

“I didn’t want to be paying for the electricity.”

The solar system cost about $10,000 to install, and he said he spent about $60,000 for the installation and about $1,000 a day to keep the battery charged.

Kuck said he was not aware of any federal regulations that require the installation of waste-disposing devices in New Jersey, but he was surprised that it wasn’t a requirement for the state’s public power utilities.

“What do you think they’re going to do?” Kuck said.