How to install the Windows 10 Home and Pro update and install Office 365

Breitbart News is reporting that Microsoft has announced that it will install the new Office 365 subscription for all of its Windows 10 users on October 30th.

This will be the first time that the subscription will be available for non-members, although the company will also be offering a $10 discount for those that sign up.

Microsoft has not officially announced this launch yet, but it has made a number of announcements in recent months.

Microsoft’s HoloLens device was recently revealed to have a new design, and the company is currently working on its new Windows 10 operating system.

In the meantime, it seems that Windows 10 has received an update to fix the bug that caused it to crash after installing Office 365, but that is a bit of a bummer.

Microsoft has promised to release the software on October 27th, which is exactly four weeks away.

Microsoft is also working on a new version of Office for Mac, which should include some new features that could help users with Office 365.